You may choose from many colorful goldfish such as calicoes, comets, blackmoors, orandas, and fantails. If your pond is large enough and deep enough you can have Japanese koi. The minimum recommended depth for our area of north Alabama is 18 inches for gold fish. Although 2 1/2 feet is considered ideal and can than support koi. Just keep in mind your fish need cool shaded water in the summer and be able to live under the ice in the winter.

When stocking your pond it's usually a good idea to start small and add a few fish at a time. This will give you time to test your pond water and the surrounding habitat (possible preditors) before spending a lot of money. For small goldfish, 1 inch of fish for every 3 to 5 gallons of pond water is a good rule of thumbs. For koi 5 gallons for every inch of fish to start with then up to 100 gal or more per fish when grown. Size fish from nose to before the tail. These recommendations are based on adequate circulation, filtration, UV sterilizer and plant coverage. As fish grow and multiply you will need to remove some in order to maintain an ideal pond environment.

Tap water can contain chlorine, chloramines and ather harmful elements that are toxic to fish. In order to make it safe it should be treated with a conditioner such as CLOR-X chlorine & heavy metal neutralizer.

When you purchase your fish, we add pure oxygen to the bag along with stress coat. So your fish will be fine untill you release them into the pond. Leave the bag closed and let it float in the pond for 20 minutes before releasing fish. Careful sun does not hit bag, this will magnifie and overheat fish.

Begin feeding your fish a very small amount once to twice a day untill you establish how much they will eat. Feed only what they will eat in 5 minutes. Net out any remaining food to prevent decaying and polluting the pond.
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