There are several things to consider when purchasing your pump. First is to determine your required flow rate. The very minimum rate should be at least half the volume of your pond (example a 2000 gal pond needs a 1000 gph pump). This is a starting point only. You may find this is not enough volume for what you have in mind. One rule of thumb is a waterfall or stream needs 100 to 150 gph per inch of width of the weir (the portion where the water will run over). You may also want to add a fountain or spitter. Next you must consider your filter and ultraviolet light to make sure the right amount of water is flowing through these devices. If your filter or UV light has a maximum flow that is less than your required rate, you will need to divert some of the water around these devices or easier install another pump all together. Also in choosing your pump keep in mind the head pressure. Vertical distance will be listed on most pumps info, just remember 10 running feet amount to 1 vertical foot. In choosing your filter and UV light, oversize will lead to less cleaning and problems from the start (example 2000 gal filter will only do a 1000 gal pond). When figuring a Koi pond this may not be enough. Seeding your filter (adding bacteria) is also very helpful in making filters work better.

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