When winter arrives and the water temperature falls below 50 degrees stop feeding your fish. Fish are cold blooded and there metoblisim slows down until there bodies nearly shut down. Any food left in their digestive track at this time will decay causing gut rot and eventually killing your fish.

Koi fish may eat on your plants. They belong to the carp family and this is something they do naturally. We have found along with adequate feed, a vitamin supplement (VITALITY) can be added to there diet that will help with this problem. It helps provide the additional nutrients and vitamins to there diet.

Tadpoles and snails can be added to your pond. Along with the fish they will help to control insects and algae. We recommend trap door snails that will not leave the pond and will not eat on your plants. Tadpoles will become bullfrogs and as bullfrogs they will eat your small baby fish. This may are may not be desirable, but without some sort of population control your pond can become very over crouded. As with the fish also float these for 20 minutes in there bag before releasing.
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