At certain times of the year or if the balance of fish, plants and biological filtration is off you will still experience green water due to the build up of single cell algae.

The best method of guaranteeing clear water from this problem is through the use of an ULTRAVIOLET STERILIZER. This device uses a small germicidal UV lamp that is placed to allow water to pass through by it and will give near 99% reduction in algae. However it must be propertly sized to pond, pump and filter. UV lights need to be used with good filtration as the dead algae still needs to be removed from the pond and broken down. UV lights will not help with string algae, for this we recommend ALGAE FIX, a select herbicide that only attacts the algae.

There are many types of algae with different colors and textures. The green velvet type that grows on the side of the pond is very beneficial, providing oxygen and food for fish. It also gives a more natural appearance to the pond.

For occasional problems with algae or supended particles which interfere with water clarity we use POLY CLEAR. This product works by causing the particles or single cell algae that are in supension to clump together and then being removed by filtration.

For your fish to be healthy and to help control algae, the pH, ammonia and nitrite level need to be monitored using TEST KITS.

When a pond is first constructed there is usually a rush to fill it up with fish and plants, but it is important to consider the natural process of a pond. It takes a period of time for all the components to adjust and interact. This can vary by a number of thing including the time of year and weather conditions. Although algae in a pond is to be expected you want to keep it to a minimum and a constructed pond requires help in order to avoid problems with excess algae.

We are available to help you in planning, construction, stocking, maintaining or just answer your questions year round. PLEASE CALL ON US.
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