When the calender says fall in North Alabama it does not make much differance, still hot and dry. Only with each passing day does it fell more like winter. So this is the time to get our ponds ready for winter.

Water lilies and other plants will begin to slow their growth and start fading. You need to stop fertilizing them about 30 days before the first frost is expected. Remove all fading foliage as it dies back. If they do totaly dye back, trim them and make sure they are under the freeze level. Remember also to bring tropical plants indoors before frost or before the water temp falls below 60 degrees.

Now is the time to install a protective net over the pond if you have a lot of falling leaves. Be sure to use something to prevent the net with leaves on it from draping in the pond. decomposing leaves will distort water clarity and upset the biological system.

Reseed your pond with good bacteria. This will help maintain good water quality. You may want to start using Microbe-Lift's Winter Autumn prep. to winterize your pond with bacteria that works throughout the winter.

When the water temperature drops below 60 degrees we recommend you start feeding wheat germ feed. Once again a pond thermometer will be very useful.

Repotting many of your hardy plants such as cattails, iris and bog lilies now, will promote blossoming the following year.

Because we
transition into
winter so slowly, we will now move on to:
winter tips