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Make sure you are adding enough pond enzymes such as biological clarifier or all natural water restoration. These products contain the benefical bacteria that break down the fish waste so the plants can use it and contain sludge eaters to eat up sludge.

Cleaning filters reguraly is a must to eleminate sludge build up. Make sure pumps and hoses are clog free. Keep UV lights clean and working twenty four, sevens. Keep the salt level at 0.1% to help the uptake of oxygen and release of carbon dioxide.

The pond needs more water movement to provide more aeriation during the summer. More aeriation means more oxygen. More oxygen for active fish. More oxygen for benefical bacteria. More oxygen for a healthier pond. If you have any doubt about enough aeration add another pump, fountain, waterfall or air pump.

We must strongly stress that during the very hottest days of summer, oxygen levels are the lowest. Too many fish means not enough oxygen. Need we say more.

Remember to fertilize your lilies and lotus every two to three weeks to keep them blooming.

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