When we try to give recommendations for
the summer, again we have to remember all
ponds are not the same. How much of the hot direct sunlight of summer your pond gets makes all the differance. Shade of some type is very benefical at this time of year. Blocking sunlight so algae is easier to control along with maintain lower water temps. Ponds must have good water flow so as to cool and aerate the pond. Especially at this time of year the more water flow the better. More aeration means more oxygen, Better for fish, better for the biological,
means better pond all the way around.

The warm water of summer is also when your fish will become the most active. It is the time when you will enjoy them the most and the time when you will feed them more so they can become bigger, stronger and healthier. We often recommend our color enhanancing food at this time of year. It has a higher percent of protein and contains vitamins and minerals to both enhance their color and supply nutrition they need for this time of year. Fish also store nutrients now for the long winter months ahead.

Feeding more means more fish waste, waste that produces more sludge and fertilize that feeds algae. plentiful sunlight and more fertilize. What a combination! What can we do? As we have already said eleminate as much sunlight as possible. Remove the fertilize and eliminate the sludge. How? Some type of shade will help greatly. This is also where more plants (at least 60% coverage) comes into play, not only for the beauty, but for shade and also to use up the fertilize so algae does not have it to grow on.
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