Your fish are coming out of cold water with low metabolism, this means their immune system is very low. Water quality is a must at this time of year. Cleaning the pond will also greatly help while they are rebuilding their immunity. Adding pond salt will improve water quality and fish health. A salt test kit will help you maintain the right amount. Other water test kits for ammonia, nitrite, an Ph are available. These need to be monitored regularly during the spring until the pond becomes balanced once again. If the kits you have are over one year old or have been left outside in the winter weather, they may not read correctly and need replacing.

Your pond's bacterial setup is low and slow to get started at this time of year. Adding bacterial enzymes such as Biological Clarifier, All Natural Water Restoration, Eco=Fix and, or Microbe-Lift on a weekly basis at this time of year will give your pond a jump start and improve water quality all year long. The more the better.

Maintenance on pond equipment at this time may prevent bigger problems later. It may even prevent heartache on a hot summer day when oxygen levels get very low. So let's check pumps for clogs and replace pump baskets if needed. Check hoses for hardness and cracking alone with clogging, replace if needed. Replace filter material if it is deteriorating, collapsing or shrinking to a point it does not fit snug. Check UV Lights that they are burning properly and are clear of buildup. You may need to replace the UV Bulb if it is going on two years old.
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