When we give recommendations we have to remember all ponds are not the same. The amount of sun your pond gets along with the amount of protection from the wind will determine how quickly the water temperature rises in the spring. The water temperature will determine how quick the biological in your pond begins to work and how your plants begin to grow. When the temperature stays Above 55 degrees is when this happens. So having a pond thermometer will help you to determine when and what you should be doing at this time of year.

When the water temperature begins to rise your fish are moving around more. They are wanting you to feed them. Be very cautious to start feeding slowly as the water temperature rises increase the amount you feed them. We recommend to start with wheat germ feed when water temps maintain 45 degrees or greater then when temps stay above 65 degrees feed our color enhancing or premium feeds.

As the temps rise and sunlight is more prevalent algae increases. Algae feeds off sludge and debit such as decaying plants, leaves and etc. We must try to eliminate these nutrients as much as possible. Netting or vacuuming along with partial water changes can be very useful in removing the build up. However we do recommend a total pond cleaning in the spring. This will not only get rid of the nutrients it will help clear your pond of parasites, restore water quality, clarity and pond balance.
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