In our North Alabama area, in recent years, just leaving the pump running has kept things from freezing up and leaving an opening in the ice for toxic gases to escape. However be careful even running water can freeze at temps below 10 degrees. Cooler water will take in oxygen much easier then warm water, so massive circulation is not needed and is actually discouraged as it will super chill the water, allowing it to freeze deeper. You may want to insert a flow valve or invest in a smaller pump for the winter time. UV lights that are above ground must be removed or take note that water is flowing through them or so water can drain back out of them if the pump stops.

During freezing weather it is very important for the pond not to freeze solid for a period of time. This will not allow oxygen in and trap toxic gases in, possiblly killing your fish. Leaving an opening in the ice may be as simple as a pump running if it is not extreme cold. If you have a shallow pond and big fish, you may want to invest in a pond heater. They are designed to operate below 40 degrees so they only keep the pond from freezing totally.

Winter in North Alabama changes from one day to next. We are available throughout the winter to help with any problems or just answer your questions. Just give us a call at 256-233-fish- (3474) or click contact us for e-mail. We will answer you as soon as possible.
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