Winter is a quiet time of year with fish and
plants. Water quality is your main concern.
Focus on keeping your pond healthy by
removing all decomposing leaves and plant debrit. Do water changes to help clear and maintain good water quality. Be sure to add dechlorinator when changing water. Check
and add salt to maintain the correct salt level. Keep a check on Ph because debrit can cause
a change. Don't neglect cleaning the filter. It
want need as much as in the summer, but
keep check on it.

When pond water becomes colder fish will naturally move deeper. Their metabolism will slow with every decreasing degree. It is not unusual for them to lie lifeless on the bottom. They do this because of their metabolism, but also because the water has transition layers between the surface and deeper water. The deeper the water the warmer. This is why it is good idea not to disturb the deeper water. If you have a submerged pump you can simply move it up toward the surface. If you have the pump in a skimmer, no problem it's moving surface water anyway. When the water temps drop below 60 degrees feed wheat germ feed. when it drops below 45 degrees stop feeding
all together.

Be sure all your plants that have died back are trimmed back and under the freeze level. Usually in our area if the top of the pot is 5 to 6 inches under the water we are safe. You just don't want the root system to freeze. Some ponds on the north side with cold wind may need to be deeper. Other ponds on south side and protected from the cold may not even die back.
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